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Free point and shoot camera application

Windows Camera is a free and easy-to-use photography tool for different devices running on the supported operating systems. This multimedia app allows users to take pictures and videos with unprecedented ease and comfort, as it connects itself with your device’s default camera and uses it.

With crisp images and crystal-clear videos, Windows Camera makes the most of your camera by optimizing the hardware and giving you an intuitive user interface that basically lets you point and shoot at whatever you want to.

Take photos or videos with ease

The Windows Camera app usually comes pre-installed for most devices running on the Windows platform. However, in the case you lost or can’t find it, it is always available for download–absolutely free. Also, its installer has a relatively small download size and a quick installation process. Whether you already have it or not on your device, you can set it up in a matter of minutes.

Taking pictures with this app is as easy as tapping the Shutter button or pressing the Spacebar or any of the Enter keys. There is also a built-in High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature, that allows you to take good shots even in high-contrast situations. Users can turn a Pro Mode on or off, granting access to more specific photography features like brightness settings. Lastly, like most cameras, a Timer is also available in this app for images that need more time to prepare.

You are also allowed to choose the photo and video quality. This is particularly useful if you have a device you’re planning to store or view these files on. If you intend to view it on a widescreen or a standard smartphone screen, you can set the proper screen resolution and aspect ratio. The app also offers a variety of imaginary grid lines to help you arrange your subjects for those aesthetic shots.

A basic photography companion

The Windows Camera can use more advanced features, only limited by the hardware it uses. You can scan documents, take panoramic shots, and shoot steady videos even if your hands are shaking–provided your device camera is capable of these features. Of course, if your device camera does not support digital video stabilization or panoramic shots, you can’t use them with the app.

Also, it is important to note that this camera app is limited since it has no filters, unlike other photography apps such as Instagram. While it can make photos sharper, even in places with poor lighting, you really can’t choose from preset color palettes or “filters” as you do with other apps. For videos, it also has no support for virtual backgrounds. This means that if you plan to use virtual backgrounds in recording videos, you might need to download other apps with that particular functionality.

A must-have for Windows devices

Whether you have more complex needs for taking or handling images and videos, the Windows Camera app is a good place to start. It gives you an easy and intuitive way to capture moments, with support and settings for various devices. While other users might look for more specialized features like filters and virtual backgrounds, this program is still a basic app you need on your Windows devices.


  • Easy to use, both for professionals and beginners
  • Options for changing output quality


  • App limited by hardware installed
  • Has no filters or virtual backgrounds

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Windows Camera

  • Free
  • In English
  • 3.5
  • (603)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Windows Camera

  • Chandu Chandru

    by Chandu Chandru

    hi best camera app i love this camera app please all download this app in your windows

  • Emmanuel Kayode

    by Emmanuel Kayode

    to have access to it while using my window 7 laptop. i will appreciate your consent related to my to my quest, thank you.

  • Manish Kumar

    by Manish Kumar

    your side is veri best aplication and
    i am like you aplication

  • otieno otieno

    by otieno otieno

    easier and faster in office work and this can make the camera and photo services more efficient


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